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Monday, January 23, 2006
My Big Fat Greek Tortilla Rolls
lol... doesn't sound very Greek, does it? That's ok. It's MADE by a Greek, so that's all that counts!

These tortilla rolls are great for appetizers & since we're getting ready for the Superbowl to happen in a few weeks (GO PITTSBURG!), I thought I would submit a recipe for y'all to make during your parties & whatnot. I will post a picture of these after the Superbowl ~ I'll be making some for my party at my friend's house. Here are the ingredients:

**1 package ~ large-sized flour tortillas (I believe there's 10 to a package of the large sized ones)
**1 container of your favorite dip (it can be ranch, green onion, french onion... whatever). You can either buy a tub of it or buy a pre-mixed seasoning packet that you add sour cream and/or mayonnaise to it. Just have enough on hand to use on all your tortillas
**1 lb thinly sliced cheese (this can be your preference ~ colby, muenster, monterey jack, provolone...)
**1 lb thinly sliced luncheon meat (I use black forrest ham, but you can use turkey if you prefer)
**1 small jar diced pimentos
**1 small jar chopped olives
**1 small jar artichokes
**1 bag baby spinach (rinse them & cut off the stems)

You can actually use ANYTHING you like to use as a filler. These are just some of the suggestions I have for you.

Take your tortilla & spread your dip on it. Then add meat & cheese equally on it. Just make sure that most of the tortilla is covered with meat & cheese. Add a thin layer of the toppings & then roll the entire tortilla. You have to keep a tight hand on it or it will unravel, so hold it tight when you cut it. Cut into bite sized pieces, about an inch wide.

Repeat with the rest of the tortillas & enjoy!